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A Virtual Conference Presented via Webinars


Talking Hedge Santa Monica 2021

The Next Chapter in Customization and Alignment for Institutional Allocators

Fall Virtual Conference, Series of Webinars, September-November 2021

Navigating the investment environment is more complex and challenging than ever thanks to the global pandemic. Alternative investment managers and solutions providers are focused on tailoring solutions for investors that result in lower costs, operational efficiencies, and alpha generation.

Join us for compelling discussions and networking between institutional asset owners, allocators, alternative investment managers, solutions providers, and academics as we examine the latest innovations and bespoke solutions that provide value to investors and their fiduciaries through various economic cycles.

Friday, October 29, 11am -12pm EDT

New Generation of Alpha Customization

Customized solutions designed to manage investment and operational risks are evolving at a brisk pace. The superior technology and expertise essential to ensuring right-sized operational expenditures is the hallmark of managed accounts. These solutions are straightforward, accessible, and known to generate alpha for investors.

Groundbreaking technological advancements are giving rise to a new generation of customized solutions.  Join our panel of forward-thinking experts as they unveil the unstoppable technological evolution that is fostering sweeping change in the alternative investment industry.


Graham Jones, Managing Director, Scotiabank Prime Services


Daniel MacDonald, CFA, Head of Advisory & Pensions, Middlemark Partners

Jonathan Planté, CAIA, Director, Business Development, Innocap Investment Management Inc.

Wei Xie, Director, Co-Head of Multi-Strategy Investments, OPTrust

Friday, November 5, 11am-12pm EDT

Optimizing Investment Alpha through Customized Completion Portfolios

Following the post-2008 influx of institutional capital into alternatives, customized account structures were the solution to investors’ growing appetite for liquidity, transparency, and flexibility to manage a portfolio according to specific rules and exclusions.  Today, customized solutions go beyond the ability to deliver a more liquid and transparent account structure: investors are seeking partnerships with managers who can collaborate on portfolio analysis and offer even greater flexibility to meet portfolio objectives.  As investors consolidate their alternatives portfolios, reducing the number of managers they allocate to while maintaining or increasing their overall exposure to alternatives, there is an increased focus on operational efficiency and the role of strategy performance/risk characteristics in the context of an investor’s overall investment portfolio.

Join us as we explore the various implementation considerations in terms of finding the right “mix” of complementary strategies, risk management, and operational efficiency from both a manager and allocator perspective.


Stefanie Frese, Managing Director, Capital Solutions, Barclays Investment Bank


Chris Jones, PhD, Managing Director, Portfolio Solutions and Research, Graham Capital LLP

Ela Karahasanoglu, CFA, CAIA, Total Fund Management (TFM) & Alternative Investments Advisory, Former Head of TFM, British Columbia Investment Management Corp. (BCI)

Judy Posnikoff, PhD, Managing Director, Martlet Asset Management

Friday, November 19, 11am-12pm EST

ESG Integration: Drivers, Best Practices, and Performance Reporting

While accusations of “greenwashing” continue to make headlines, global regulators are ramping up efforts to set standards for and provide oversight of ESG performance/reporting metrics. The pressure is on for asset managers to effectively integrate and demonstrate ESG best practices; but what exactly does that mean operationally? How can fund managers and investors alike best integrate ESG into processes such as performance metrics, reporting, manager due diligence, and internal scoring systems?


Tamara Close, Managing Director and Founder, Close Group Consulting


Manuela Cedarmas, CFA, APFI, Head of ESG & Impact Strategies, Investcorp-Tages

Neal J. Howe, Partner & Director of Investor Solutions, Welton Investment Partners LLC

Joe Mizzoni, Investment Manager, abrdn

Friday, December 3, 11am-12pm EST

Customization of Data in Private Markets

The private markets are in the midst of a dramatic, two-pronged shift. First, investors are pouring money into this asset class as they hunt for alpha and opportunities to diversify. And second, private assets such as real estate, infrastructure, private equity, and private debt are increasingly becoming commoditized as they become available to more retail channels. This is all great news for asset managers and asset owners in the private markets. But are they ready for it?

A crucial factor in the changing nature of private market investing revolves around data. Managers need to become more effective and efficient at managing, analyzing, and reporting on the vast quantities of complex and unstructured data related to existing and prospective investments. Improvements in these areas could be a significant driver of alpha, but more pressingly, asset owners are demanding it. They need greater transparency on holdings, the investment process, costs, and on sustainability criteria, placing tremendous strain on the existing reporting capabilities of many asset managers.

Join our panel of experts as they discuss these data challenges and share findings from State Street’s recent survey of 170 asset owners and managers in the private markets. Learn how a comprehensive data strategy, one that spans front-to-back office and public-to-private markets, can help investors successfully navigate this market.


Marianne Oar, Managing Director, Private Markets Product Manager, State Street


Mark Filstrup, Senior Vice President, Head of Platform & Alternatives Architecture, AllianceBernstein

Jennifer Tribush, CAIA, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Alternatives Product, State Street

Tom Vogt, Vice President, Customer Success, Mercatus

Friday, December 10, 11am-12pm EST

Inflation, Low-yield Environment, and the Digital Boom.  Repositioning Portfolios for the Next Decade

The global economy continues to be challenged by the lingering effects of the pandemic, a strain on the supply chain, rising inflation, and the fixed income conundrum.  In the meantime, the digital assets industry has grown from US$ 300 billion in 2020 to almost US$ 4 trillion.  What are the key themes for 2022?  How should investors and managers evolve to succeed in the next decade?

Join a panel of experts who will express their views on the economy, financial markets, and more.




Katy Kaminski, Ph.D., CAIA, Chief Research Strategist and Portfolio Manager, Alpha Simplex

Marat Molyboga, Ph.D., CFA, Chief Risk Officer, Director of Research, Efficient Capital Management

Michael Stendler, Managing Director, O’Brien Investment Group

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In-Person Conference


Talking Hedge Austin, Texas 2022

A Fresh Look at Innovation & Opportunity in Alternative Investments

In-Person Conference, March 16-17, 2022

Much has changed in the wake of the global pandemic.  After more than two years, we will gather together in Austin to take a look at the remarkable revitalization of alternative investment solutions tailor-made for institutional asset owners and fiduciaries.

Join us for intelligent discourse focused on the wealth of innovation that is the hallmark of the alternative investment industry.

DELEGATE RATE:  $995 per delegate


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In-Person Conference

Talking Hedge Toronto, Canada 2022

Rethinking Alternatives:  Fresh Solutions that Mitigate Risk & Generate Alpha

Toronto Conference, June 2022, The Westin Harbour Castle

Change is everywhere. With a fresh focus on customized solutions, alternatives revitalize portfolios with risk mitigation, operational efficiencies, and alpha generation.

Join us for enlightened discussions and networking with institutional asset owners, allocators, hedge fund managers, solutions providers, and academics. We provide intelligent discourse focused on modern solutions that are the centerpiece of the alternative investment industry.

DELEGATE RATE:  Early Special: $600 through March 31, 2022


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