The Alternative Investment Marketplace:

Straight Talk

Talking Hedge events are a marketplace of ideas.

We provide a unique conference experience designed to bring together alternative investment managers, institutional investors, industry solutions providers, and academics to talk about the tough issues and vast opportunities in alternative investing.

Austin, Texas

Alternative Strategies: Smart Portfolio Construction & The Benefits of Diversification

  • Spring Virtual Conference, Series of Webinars, March-May

  • Austin 2021


Toronto, Canada

Mining New Sources of Alpha with Alternative Investment Solutions

  • Summer Virtual Conference, Series of Webinars, June-July

  • Toronto 2021

Santa Monica

The Next Chapter in Customization and Alignment for Institutional Allocators

  • Fall Virtual Conference, Series of Webinars, September-November

  • Santa Monica 2021

Who we are:

The founder of Talking Hedge, Meg Bode, has been starting conversations between investors and managers for more than two decades.  With Talking Hedge she designed a marketplace to stimulate conversations and help both sides meet today’s investment challenges.

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